Tips for your application

Your application documents – your door-opener for the job of your dreams

Application documents

Tip: Hand in a significant letter of application

In most cases your letter of application will decide on whether you will be perceived as a potential candidate. Heed our advice on the following aspects:

  • Flawless letterhead (your contact data as well as those of the recipient must be without any mistakes)
  • Reference line relating to the position offered
  • Personal greeting (find a contact partner)
  • Start with an attractive introduction: do not start with “I”, if possible find a personalized link (e.g. if you have become aware of the company by a special contact)
  • Connect your motives and qualifications to the job description
  • If required state possible date of entry and salary desired
  • Formulate a polite ending, e.g.: I would be glad, if you gave me an opportunity for a personal meeting.
  • Business-like salutation (Yours sincerely)
  • Signature with fountain or ball-point pen.

Tip: the cover page

Do not experiment! At whitespot we offer placement services for commercial and technical jobs. In particular, the enterprises watch out for the following details:

  • A professional application picture: Show your professional approach already with your picture: Clear background, view to camera, no wild patterns in your clothes – they give your picture an unsteady effect. Most important of all: Be authentic!
  • Complete contact data: Make it easy for your future employer to contact you and list your full address including telephone number and email address. Incomplete data may result in your application being sorted out.
  • Sober design: employers in commercial or technical businesses prefer a rather low-key layout. Convince with your competence.

Personal Data Sheet

Enterprises put particular emphasis on complete personal data sheets. For them this is a sign of respectability. Should there be any gaps, these must be explained. Take care that your statements do not contradict information in your social networks.

  • Complete personal data
  • Downward chronology (current job on top)
  • Mention internships
  • List time abroad
  • Mention particular skills
  • Hobbies


Tip: Being well-informed is half the battle

Before you hand in your application: Collect information on your future employer. Which type of company is it? Who are they looking for? What are the requirements? Can you imagine to work there? Do not shy away from a possible lack of qualifications. It is important that you convince them!

Application interview

Tip: These are the questions to expect

There are certain classics that are asked in almost every application interview. Be well prepared. For some applicants it may be enough to think about the content of the most important aspects, for others it may help to simulate a job interview. Expect the following questions:

  • Personal questions
  • What you know about the company you are applying with
  • Your skills
  • Your weaknesses
  • Why you are the right person for this job
  • Why you picked exactly this position to apply for
  • Professional or private achievements
  • Professional or private failures

You need not answer the following questions:

  • Questions on your financial standing
  • Questions on marriage and family planning
  • Questions on religion
  • Questions on previous criminal records
  • Questions on illnesses
  • Questions on memberships in associations or trade unions