Application procedure

Take the first step in the right direction!
We will provide you with the optimum coaching for the application talk
with your future employer. We are familiar with the requirements our customers
pose and will guide you through the entire application procedure

1. 1. Inspecting

We will inspect your application documents and make sure they are complete and convincing.

2. Analysis

In the next step we will analyse your application. Does it match the job? Does the job match for you? Is there anything to clarify?

3. Clarification

We will call you. This will complete our picture and increases your chances of making it into the next round.

4. Let’s get talking

Your next step to the job of your dreams: We will invite you to an application talk, to get to know you in person.

5. Selection

The five best candidates make into the final round. If you have convinced us, you will be in it!

6. Presenting

We will present you to the enterprise you wish to join. In order to give you a chance to show your full potential, we will brief you in advance.