About whitespot

Our roots are in mobile communications
We, Silvia and Oliver Leykauf, have about 25 years of experience
with large mobile communication providers: in acquisition,
on an executive level and in project management.

In mobile communications, the term whitespot describes areas without access to mobile communication networks. Particular skill and experience is called for to fill such whitespots. As there are only few experts in this field, we started off by leasing ourselves to mobile communication providers, at that time under the roof of Leykauf & Leykauf Projektmanagement GmbH. We fast realized that there was an unbroken demand for specialists. As we had a very good and reliable network and were in touch with many experts in the field who wanted to co-operate with us, we filed an application for a permission to become a lending employer in early 2014 which we were granted. Thus we have been in a position to lease temporary employees since 2014.

This laid the foundation for whitespot GmbH.

A relatively small team in the beginning, in the meantime whitespot has grown into a real enterprise. Up to now we have always been gifted with a special touch when picking new employees and we are proud to say that our employees experience the same sense of well-being in whitespot as we do.

What is it that distinguishes us from others

For us employer-staff loyalty is not just a mere phrase – we put it into practice. This attitude is confirmed by our customers and employees again and again. For us flexible working hours, a balanced mixture of deployment on location and home-office work, training sessions in our office or at our customers are a matter of course just as well as team events. We regularly visit our employees on location. We boost their careers by realizing talent and potential and incorporate them in our human resources development.

These things count for us

Good common sense and marked social competence for us are more important than university qualifications. Our applicants throw in kindness and social awareness we’ll take care of the necessary training.